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Keeping Healthy is Heavenly for Harumi Sudrajat

Beauty blogger and real-life Disney princess, Harumi Sudrajat, dropped by the Female Daily offices recently. The sweet and bubbly show runner behind beauty blog My Tips Cantik is always ready to dispense beauty advice and tips on how to keep it real at the drop of a hat.

She has appeared on these pages before, when we raided the contents of her makeup pouch, and when she shared with us some of her favorite multipurpose skin care items. This time around, we got chatting on what she has been doing to stay healthy so she can stays in fighting form for her hectic daily schedule. It turns out that despite being more picky about what she eats, she can enjoy a certain frozen dessert treat and still get health benefits out of it. Find out just what treat that is in the interview below:

Do you pay any kind of special attention to the food you eat?

I never really paid attention to my food until six months ago. At first I did clean eating to lose weight, but I did a check-up and was really, really shocked when I saw how high my cholesterol was. When I eat, I really eat: I like rich foods, like ice cream, anything cooked in coconut milk, I like marrow soup. I like epic Indonesian dishes, and I paid the price with my cholesterol levels! So at first I started clean eating to lose weight, but now I do it for my health.

How has clean eating affected you positively?

The first things I was was a positive change in my skin. When I eat oily and rich foods, I would break out in pimples very easily. But since thinking twice about everything I eat, my skin has also benefited.

So what types of food have you cut down on since changing the way you eat?

Sugary foods, processed foods, anything with coconut milk — well basically, I’ve been avoiding delicious Indonesian dishes, even though they’re all my favorites. I still daydream about siomay!

Do you supplement your new healthy eating habits with exercise?

Yes, I try to exercise at least three times a week. I tried out crossfit for a few months and I just completed my time with Tiara Soemakno, and I have regularly been doing bikram yoga and zumba. Crossfit was really fun and effective, but I realized that I’m just not a crossfit girl! It’s something I can do in short bursts, but I don’t think it’s something I can do every day.

What was the hardest thing about changing the way you eat?

Finding a balance was really hard, because when I eat, I really eat, and when I diet, I eat almost nothing. But I’ve learned to find the balance between eating how much my body needs, and how to give my body the nutrition it needs. That’s why I really like frozen yogurt, because it’s better for you than ice cream, but it’ also delicious and full of probiotics that’s good for your digestive system. I read somewhere that yogurt is also good for women to help them fight off yeast infections. But more than health reasons, I really love how frozen yogurt just makes me so happy!

Oh really! How often do you eat frozen yogurt?

I really like the frozen yogurt from Heavenly Blush, and I usually have it a few times a month. My favorite toppings are longan and nata de coco, or peach!

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